Ecotoxicology studies are ideal to evaluate the effects of pollutants on ecosystems. Because waterways are the primary receiver of chemical substances, it is essential to assess the impact of your products on them via aquatic toxicity tests.

IRM has been actively developing its technical activities and now proposes the main aquatic ecotoxicology tests to its clients:

  • Algae growth inhibition tests
  • Daphnia magna immobilization tests
  • Daphnia magna reproduction tests

IRM’s ecotoxicology services allow our clients to meet French and European regulations (Biocides, REACH, CLP, SDS, etc.) or communicate on the harmlessness of their products or substances (environmental labels such as Ecolabel, Ecocert, etc.).

Ecotoxicology studies for biocides, detergents and industrial chemicals can be performed in accordance with Good Laboratory Practices as spelled out in Annex II of Article D523-8 of the French Environmental Code.

Thanks to the breadth of its services (microbiology, regulatory affairs, physical-chemical testing) and the renowned expertise of its staff in disinfection, IRM can respond to all of the main regulatory requirements for the marketing of biocides (ECHA product types 1 to 5).