The Institut de Recherche Microbiologique (IRM) is a COFRAC-accredited microbiology laboratory specialized in the determination of antiseptic and disinfectant efficacy.


IRM proposes microbiology services to evaluate the efficacy of antimicrobial products, formulations and materials. It offers COFRAC-accredited tests for suspension, carrier and airborne antimicrobial efficacy assessment, the evaluation of product antimicrobial protection, and hygienic hand wash or hand disinfection products, among others.
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Ecotoxicology studies are ideal to evaluate the effects of pollutants on ecosystems. Because waterways are the primary receiver of chemical substances, it is essential to assess a product's impact on them via aquatic toxicity tests. IRM can perform tests to determine pH as well as density and relative density. The lab can also propose simultaneous assaying for microbiology and ecotoxicology tests.
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